FOP chief calls Delke arrest “politically inspired”


Reactions are pouring in from all sides, following Officer Andrew Delke’s criminal homicide charge. 

In a video sent to News 2 Thursday evening, the president of the local Fraternal Order of Police calls this development ‘politically inspired’. 

The video is filled with strong language, as President James Smallwood claimed this case could have an effect on police nationwide. 

Smallwood believes problems in this case began months ago after the district attorney’s office released multiple surveillance videos ‘absent of context’. 

Because Daniel Hambrick was reportedly armed, Smallwood says that Hambrick was a risk to both officers, and the general public and that deadly force was appropriately applied. 

A magistrate initially denied the District Attorney’s request for a warrant. 

The case was later present to a separate, higher ranking judge, and the FOP believes that’s wrong. 

“The events that transpired today, show that the District Attorney has no interest in allowing an independent grand jury of citizens to hear the facts of this case,” Smallwood noted. “[District Attorney] instead went judge to judge, desperately searching for someone, anyone, who would go and sign an arrest warrant. That’s not justice, that’s judge shopping.”

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