Flying sheet of ice destroys windshield on I-65 in Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A woman driving along I-65 in Nashville said her windshield was smashed after a sheet of ice flew off a utility truck Thursday.

“I just froze and didn’t know what to do , I just waited for the worst to happen,” Heather Peters said.

Peters her life flashed before her eyes while driving home from Franklin.

“I just gripped the steering wheel and I closed my eyes and waited for it to hit,” he said.

She now has hundreds of dollars worth of glass and vehicle damage.

“It was just this huge boom and I felt something like spray on me,” she said.

Despite glass covering her body following the collision she avoided bodily injuries.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a reminder to clear of your vehicles before driving.

“When you get on these highways and interstates and you’re hitting speeds over 50 miles an hour it just takes a little window of opportunity for air to get under that ice and cause it to elevate,” Captain Scott Moore said.

Moore saw firsthand dozens of ice-covered vehicles on the interstate, setting up for potentially dangerous situations.

“Whenever there’s an ice event coming in one thing that I recommend is warming your car up kinda periodically so that ice don’t get a chance to settle in,” he said.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s office said law enforcement agencies dealing with the effects of the snow across Tennessee are dealing with higher than normal calls.

They say anything you can do to stay safe helps.

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