PLANTATION, Fla. – A Florida gym owner is speaking out after he was arrested for not forcing members to wear masks during workouts.

Michael Carnevale, owner of Fitness 1440 in Plantation, spoke to WPLG just before his arrest Monday.

“If this whole thing is really about health, this is where we are getting into some murky waters here because I don’t see how I can make my patrons wear a mask while on a treadmill, or while they are exercising,” Carnevale said.

Broward County has issued a mandatory mask police “regardless of whether social distancing can be maintained” for “all persons in any establishment.”

On Monday, authorities locked Fitness 1440 and escorted Carnevale out of his business in handcuffs after getting a call from a tipster about the lack of mask enforcement.

The CDC notes that face coverings can help prevent the spread of the virus, which has been found to transmit from people who aren’t experiencing symptoms.

When asked if he was concerned he was putting people at risk, Carnevale responded: “One hundred percent I am. I’m super concerned about someone getting dizzy or fainting with a mask on while on a treadmill.”

More than 432,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Florida as of Monday, according to data from the health department’s website.