Florida city shuts down part of a park after large number of mating snakes


LAKELAND, Fla. (CNN) — Things got quite sssspicy near Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, Florida, this week.

After residents began reporting snake sightings to the Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department, the department and the city’s Public Works Department began investigating.

Turns out, it’s mating season for the Florida water snake, officials said, and a large group snakes have gathered near the lake for a giant orgy. Caution tape was put up around the area to increase public awareness of the snake orgy.

“It appears they have congregated for mating,” the department said in a Facebook post. “They are non-venomous and generally not aggressive as long as people do not disturb them.”

Once mating season is over, the department said the snakes should go their separate ways.

“They are an important part of the ecosystem and should not be disturbed,” the department said, adding that these love gatherings are an annual occurrence.

Florida water snakes are a native species whose habitats include aquatic environments. They are generally found resting in tree limbs over water or basking on shorelines, the department said.

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