Flights continue to depart Nashville for Florida ahead of Irma


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As thousands of people evacuate from Florida, many will be coming here to Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham to escape Hurricane Irma.

These cities just a few of the many, people will be heading to to escape the storms fury. So far, many flights out of Florida have sold out and some of the prices have gone up quite a bit.

Southwest was sold out for flights coming from Fort Lauderdale into Nashville and Atlanta there was one flight into Birmingham.

A one way ticket there for about $355. United had one flight from Fort Lauderdale to Nashville that was priced at $1,013.

While many people were leaving Florida to escape Irma, some people were heading back. Some to check on family others for other reasons.

“I’m hoping for the best expecting the worst. I know the hurricane could be bad but I think we will miss it going down and miss it coming back as well,” said Avery Hatchett, who was traveling to Fort Lauderdale.

“I expect it to be rainy but hopefully the weather will be good so that when we travel to Miami to get on the cruise everything is great,” added Lisa Dunham.

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