NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sunday was the first Super Bowl Sunday with legalized sports betting in the state of Tennessee, and expected, the biggest event of the sports calendar was also the biggest day for placing bets.

The Buccaneers topped the Chiefs 31-9, but who “won” the bets?

Well, the question of who won between the Sports-books or the Sports-bettors is a complex answer. Last night was huge win for the Books starting with the coin toss. Ninety percent of wages were placed on tails and the toss landed heads. However, when it comes to futures betting, meaning people who picked the Bucs to win dating back to last off-season when Tom Brady was acquired, the Books took huge losses.

Here in Tennessee, since legalizing sports betting on November 1, the state continues to shatter records so the Super Bowl was likely no different.

“In two months, through November and December there was $312 million dollars wagered in the state of Tennessee alone, and that’s just out of the gate,” said CBS Sportsline data analyst Allan Bell. “Think about it, we’re talking 60 days. We have very much reason to believe that it’s going to be just through the roof numbers.”

As Bell waits out final numbers from Sunday’s action, he says the reason the Super Bowl in particular is so popular to bet on is because prop bets provide an opportunity for non-football fans to wager on things outside of the game itself.

“Two head coaches, Andy Reid on the Chiefs and Bruce Arians on the Buccaneers, which one’s nose would pop out of their mask first. You could not bet on the game whatsoever and you could have a ton of fun around it.”

As for COVID-19’s impact on sports betting, Bell says, if anything, it increased in popularity because people were at home more often with more free time to watch and wager on sports.

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