Firefighters urge home safety ahead of the holidays


NASHVILLE, Tenn.. (WKRN) – It’s the most wonderful time of the year, starting with the Thanksgiving holiday– friends, family, and lots of food. Firefighters say if you’re not careful, these are a few things that can turn a fun time fowl.

“With our turkey fryers, you want to make sure your turkeys are thawed out, adequate amount of grease in the fryer, you don’t want too much– drop the turkey in, with an overflow of the grease,” said Kevin Cripps and EMT/Firefighter with the Lebanon Fire Dept.

Firefighters respond to an increased amount of grease fires around Thanksgiving both outside and inside.

“Don’t leave grease unattended on your stove. If you do happen to have a grease fire, the number one thing you can grab is a lid for your pans or your pots to extinguish the fire,” Cripps said.

And when everyone’s stuffed, the Christmas holiday decorations become the next danger.

“Your indoor/outdoor lights, obviously you want to make sure you’re using indoor lights inside,” Cripps advised, “Also a circuit board if you want to use that to plug your lights into so you don’t overload one socket in particular if you have an abundance of lights.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, one in every four fires during the holidays is due to a Christmas tree.

“Make sure there are no dead spots on the tree. As soon as you get it home, put it in water… at least three feet from any heat source, fireplace, vents, anything like that. –make sure all your bulbs work. Make sure there’s no wire stripped from your lights, no bare wires showing,” Cripps said.

Even artificial trees need extra attention…

“We store artificial trees for the year and they have an abundance of dust on them, we get them down, we don’t clean them,” he said, “Dust is actually a combustible and causes the artificial trees to be more dangerous than our natural trees.”

Firefighters add that this is a good time to make sure smoke detectors are working just in case anything does catch fire.

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