NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A longtime firearms instructor offered some cautionary words today about the governor’s plan to allow handgun carry without a permit.

Bob Allen, who spent 35-years as a Metro Nashville police officer before becoming a shooting instructor, says it is all about training for what many call constitutional or permit-less carry.

On Friday Allen showed how some untrained handgun users might shoot themselves in the hand or worse while trying to empty bullets from their weapon.

He expects questions about Republican Governor Bill Lee’s proposal about not requiring a permit to carry a handgun.

“We are all for it, but what we are also for is that people get trained on how to carry it,” he said at the Royal Range in Nashville where he directs firearms instruction.

Liability, when a weapon is fired, is another issue he raises.

“If I miss what I am intentionally aiming at, there is an attorney riding on top of that other bullet,” he likes to say. “And if it hits something that it is not supposed to, I will be paying for it.”

The instructor is also someone who teaches the advantages of a concealed handgun.

“Leaving it out in the open gives crooks a want to try and take it from you,” he will tell his students.

The former 35-year police officer says he is willing to testify about all thought before a legislative committee considering the permitless handgun carry bill.

The governor’s constitutional carry bill could be introduced as early as next Tuesday in a House committee.