Female athlete kicks it with the best of them, leads team to state playoffs


CHAPEL HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Forrest School in Chapel Hill is heading to the playoffs Friday. So far they have been dominating their opponents, but if the game comes down to a field goal they will rely on their kicker Zoe Long.

“She is probably the best athlete on the team,” said Forrest Football Coach Eli Stephenson.

Long plays just about every sport the school offers.

“They are all pretty fun in their own way,” said Long.

The newest of those sports is football, a sport she just started playing this year.

“I always joked around with Coach about playing football and they had kickers, but then when we didnt have a kicker I said I am going to try to do this,” said Long.

As the only girl on the team, the coaches have been impressed with her work ethic and attitude.

“Every week she gets better,” said Coach Stephenson. “She comes to work every day and she is a blessing to a coach. What I found is that it is easier to coach girls than guys sometimes they listen a little bit better.”

As for any doubters, Long says she just lets her kicking do the talking.

“At first the boys kind of doubted me, but I was going to prove them wrong and make them know I could do it just because I was a girl,” said Long.

Long says the longest kick she has made is about 30 yards.

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