Felony Lane Gang strikes again? Police investigate rash of car burglaries in Spring Hill


Police are looking for a group of thieves traveling through Middle Tennessee breaking into cars and using stolen credit cards.

“It’s kind of a random type thing they do,” Lieutenant Justin Whitwell told News 2. “They just go from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.”

The group of thieves is known as the “Felony Lane Gang.”

“They pull the car up to the car, pop a window, they’re out the door,” he said. “Typically they use the lane at the bank furthest from the teller’s window.”

Whitwell says they may have struck again. Thieves have broken into seven cars in the Spring Hill area since Sunday. He says three of the break-ins look like the work of the Felony Lane Gang.

“They’re going in there for wallets,” Whitwell said. “They’re going in for purses.” 

They’re also known for smashing the back windows of a vehicle. 

According to police, the gang hires people, giving them disguises to use stolen checks and credit cards at stores or banks.

“They know what they’re doing,” Whitwell said. “They’re very slick about what they’re doing.” 

Two of the break-ins happened at Port Royal Park. The thieves stole an iPad, purse, and a gun.

“I leave my purse in here,” said Spring Hill resident Fran Barker. “It’s very concerning.” 

Some residents say they’ll no longer bring their valuables with them to the park.

“I’m hiding my purse and everything, so it is concerning,” said resident Gabby Martorano. “We thought we were in a safe spot here.”

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