FedEx delivery driver’s meltdown caught on camera


(CNN) – A FedEx driver in Wisconsin had a complete meltdown while trying to lift a very large box, and the entire incident was captured on a Ring doorbell camera.

After tipping over a 144 pound package and pushing it through the snow, doorbell video from the Mayville home shows the driver, while on his phone, try lifting the box into the truck.

The package, according to FedEx’s website, is within their 150 pound weight limit.

And the homeowner was watching her Ring doorbell footage from work the entire time.

“I was actually in shock. I just sat there the entire time like, ‘Wow.’ I just wanted to hear what else he was going to say,” she said.

Andrea Wendore says normally the driver rings the bell and leaves the package at the door.

This time, she needed FedEx to take away a couch she’d ordered from Wayfair twice, but had been delivered by FedEx damaged both times.

“The frame was broken on it both times. So now we’re wondering if it was broken because of the way they treat merchandise,” Wendore said.

Wendore says she sent FedEx the video, but never got a response. Now she just wants an apology.

“I mean, they’re getting paid for it. They’re getting paid to deliver large items. Wayfair sells a lot of furniture.”

FedEx told CNN affiliate WISN, “The behavior depicted in the videos is unacceptable.”

The company also said it would take the appropriate steps to address this matter.

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