Federal appeals attorney makes the case for his U.S. Senate candidacy


Mark Pickrell

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Why would a Harvard graduate and attorney known for his work at the federal level want to be a United States Senator?

It’s the question posed to Nashville’s Mark Pickrell who is running for the Democrat nomination in Tennessee’s primary next week.

“Well its as simple as the fact that our economy is broken and I know how to fix it,” Pickrell told News 2 this week.

He points to a seven point plan on his website for more details, but says his skill as a federal appellate attorney gives him a different perspective about the economy compared to traditional politicians.

“I have watched as we have changed our laws regarding the economy over many, many years,” said Pickrell. “We are now reaping what we have sown with those changes to the law and so I understand how we got into this mess and I know how to get out of this mess.”

As an example, he looks at things like the bipartisan appeal to get rid of what many call the “marriage tax penalty” where he said women “are in effect taxed higher than men.”

He added that “we are making family’s economic lives more difficult and less flexible, so if we make those changes where we have agreement across the political spectrum, then we can actually solve some of those problems we face and have better economy or more stable economy going forward.

Pickrell indicates COVID-19 prompted him to run back in April. He thinks it could be that force to make changes the people have talk about for a long time. Pickrell said his proposals aim at the middle because that’s where things get done.

He hopes Congress extends unemployment benefits, but instead of continuing 600-dollars weekly from the federal government, he would like to see a declining amount of similar help as an incentive to get people back to work.

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