Father pleads for answers three years after son shot and killed on Ellington Parkway


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Three years ago, a man was shot and killed driving home from work in East Nashville. Police still have not found his killer. His family is making new efforts to get people talking about him again.

“There was a 9-1-1 call at 2:44 in the morning, which was a Wednesday, September the 28th, 2016 reporting a wreck… They saw headlights in the trees,” said Glenn Trent.

Trent is the father of 29-year-old Ryan Scott Trent who was found dead inside his white pick-up truck off Ellington Parkway near the Briley Parkway split.

“First it was investigated as a wreck, and then autopsy showed he had been shot,” Trent told News 2.

A bullet had pierced the passenger’s backside window, killing Trent instantly.

Although police had already cleared the scene as a wreck, they did know that the tire tracks started hundreds of yards south on Ellington Parkway.

“The truck traveled three football fields from here, went airborne twice, and then it landed right here at a tree and it fell on the truck,” Trent said.

Trent was a night manager for Premiere Parking in downtown Nashville.e He got off just after midnight and was found dead a few hours later with a pack of cigarettes and a cold drink in his truck, but no receipt to tell from where.

“I’ve got the change that was in his pocket that told me he broke a big bill to purchase that,” Trent said, adding that he may have been followed, “It could’ve been a gang initiation, it could’ve been road rage.”

So many possibilities, and yet still no real leads.

“With Premiere parking, they had vehicles broken into every now and then, and there were points of contact if he needed help or had trouble, that he would use, and he did use one of them that night. And it supposedly was looked at and still we didn’t get any answers out of that,” Trent said.

Even setting up a new banner Sunday afternoon, another possibility arose.

“A grandfather just stopped and talked to me, and his grandson was killed, just beyond this culvert here, kind of the same way. He was shot driving down the road here,” Trent said, “I think there was an altercation at a store, and they followed him down the road and shot at him until they hit him.”

That was 21-year-old Justine Roake in 2014. And even though a man was convicted in that case, Trent says he’ll look into any possible connections.

“Any answers, anything, any information, please, come forward,” he said, “We need justice for our son.”

The Trent family is offering an $11,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest, with an additional thousand from CrimeStoppers for a conviction.

If you know anything, you can make an anonymous phone call to CrimeStoppers at 615-742-7463.

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