Hickman County man killed in hit-and-run on I-40


HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Another pedestrian is killed on the side of I 40 this morning.

This time the suspect is a truck driver who is wanted by police for hit and run. This is the 12th pedestrian fatal accident in the Lawrenceburg District this year.

The latest tragedy took place Monday morning, around 4 am.

Troopers confirm it was raining and dark. Investigators say the driver of the SUV, Chance Robert Bess-Ritchie, age 25, had just run out of gas and pulled to the side of the road on I 40 Eastbound in Hickman County.

That’s when THP investigators say a truck, perhaps a blue International semi, driving at highway speed, smashed into the 25-year-old driver who was out of his SUV, standing on the shoulder.

The truck struck the man and the truck kept driving. Evidence at the scene included a headlight assembly, a mirror, and other materials.

Police say the victim’s female passenger was inside the SUV at the moment of impact.

Lt. Christopher Dye says, “he told her through her statement to put on some warm clothing. He had an umbrella, a poncho there and they were preparing to walk.”

Lt. Chris Dye says it is highly unlikely that the wanted semi-truck driver doesn’t know that he or she hit someone.

Dye says this tragedy reminds us all that the state’s move over law applies to broken down cars too.

Dye says, “this is an incident where we had a vehicle on the shoulder. we know for a fact, the vehicle traveling in the same direction was not in the left-hand lane. now there could’ve been other traffic that prohibited that. but the move over law not only applies to our firefighters and police officers and tow truck drivers, but every citizen stranded on the side of the roadway, if you have your four-way flashers on, you have an obligation by law to move to the left lane or slow your vehicle down if you cannot move over.”

Based on the mirror and bumper found at the scene, investigators tell news 2, the truck is a blue International, and it has damage to the right front side.

If you have any info call the THP.

The 11th happened this past Friday in Columbia when a man was struck walking down I-65 at the Bear Creek Pike Exit.

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