Family speaks out after Nashville woman shot, killed on Clarksville Pike


NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — The family of 55-year-old Shirley Crawley has a poignant message to share after their loved one was shot and killed on the way to the grocery store. They say the violence must stop in Music City.

On Tuesday afternoon, Shirley Page called her cousin, Crawley, who was on her way to the grocery store.

“‘We always end like ‘I love you.’ But the conversation is always be safe with everything that’s going on in Nashville. Be safe. Call me when you get back to the house, because that was a thing we always did. We wanted to make sure when you leave and get back, you let me know,” Page said.

But Page never got a call back from her cousin.

Metro Police say Crawley, an innocent bystander, was shot and killed when two gunmen unloaded multiple rounds into a car full of teenagers on Clarksville Pike.

“She was just an innocent person on her way to the grocery store with her dog in the car,” Page said.

According to a Metro Police press release, two suspects unleashed rounds of gunfire into an orange Hyundai Elantra which then sped away from the scene. The Hyundai then crashed on 20th Avenue North near Hayes Street where officers found two teenagers with gunshot wounds. The pair told police they were driving themselves to the hospital.

An ambulance took Crawley to Vanderbilt University Medical Center from the scene on Clarksville Pike near Buena Vista Pike. She later died at the hospital.

“I never would’ve fathomed that she would be caught in a crossfire, and her life taken, but here we are,” Page said.

Page says she’s tired of the senseless shooting and violence happening across Nashville, especially now that it’s touched her own family.

“We never took a gun to try and shoot it out. That part I don’t understand. I’m just wondering what can we as a community do for young people? What’s been lost,” Page said. “We have to get a grip on it, because now that it’s at my doorstep I want something done!”

In the meantime, Crawley’s family is looking for answers and closure.

“I really want the people of Nashville to know that Shirley Crawley mattered to a lot of people and my family is at a loss because she played a major part in our family. That’s not a part we’re never going to get back. But I know one day I’ll see her again, and that’s what I’m holding on to,” Page said.

Metro Police also located two other 15-year-olds that were in the orange Hyundai at the time of the shooting. One had been hit by gunfire; the other was injured when the car crashed on 20th Avenue North.

No arrests have been made in Crawley’s case, but if you know anything about what happened call Metro Police or Crime Stoppers at (615)-74-CRIME.

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