WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) – As the death toll and the number of people reported missing continues to grow in Humphreys County, residents are searching high and low for their loved ones who were swept away by the floodwaters.

“It took both of them, but my nephew Charlie was able to grab a pole and hold on, but we’re still unable to find my other nephew Nathanal,” said Molly Curtis as she tried to hold back tears.

Curtis, along with her husband and two children, spent Sunday searching for her nephew, 16-year-old Nathanal Whitsett. Whitsett is described as shy and he has autism. When the storm came against their home, Curtis urged her family to find high ground.

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“If he doesn’t know you, he’s probably not going to talk to you, probably a familiar face would help. If you see him and you know him, just let him know we love him, we’re looking for him, and we want him home,” said Curtis.

Crews were able to get the family to safety, but as the water level went down the family’s search began. Now, the family fears the worst while hoping for the best.

Curtis has called Waverly home for the past 30 years and says she has never seen destruction like this. Comparing it to the flood in 2010, she says this is worse.

Around every corner, cars can be seen on top of each other, homes completely leveled, and families holding on tight to one another.