A couple in North Nashville tells News 2 they feel like they’re being targeted and they’re not sure why. 

Ben and Ariel Hortman live in the Buena Vista community in North Nashville off of Buchanan Street. They said in the past week they’ve found human feces on their front porch swing, twice. 

“It’s pretty sickening…the amount.” said Ariel Hortman 

The couple shared surveillance footage with News 2 of what they say, is a woman placing the feces on their front porch swing. 

Ariel Hortman described what’s in the video as, “She casually walks up on the porch, just kind of swinging and relaxing, and then she sat down here – she first starts to take off the covers, puts a plastic bag down, and empties it and kind of smears it over, and walks off.” 

The Hortman’s the first incident happened on Wednesday night, and the second incident on Friday morning. 

The family also said they had another incident in June that was frightening. 

“The comments that were written on our back fence were very provocative to almost make someone want to attack us.” said Ben Hortman 

The couple shared a photo that they say, shows their back fence after the racial and derogatory expletives were removed. 

News 2 reached out to other neighbors who said they hadn’t had similar experiences, and felt like the couple was being targeted.

“You know its scaring us, its also a waste of time, and its destroying our things but we want to be a part of the community as much as you.” said Ben Hortman. 

On Sunday the Hortman’s filed a police report with Metro Police. News 2 will follow any developments with this story.