Family pleads for answers in Rutherford Co. cold case


Tuesday will mark the third year since a Rutherford County man was murdered after he and his daughter returned from a day of fishing.  

The Gregg Hawkins murder case has gone cold.  

Monday, his family made a plea at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office for any information that could help catch his killer.  

For the past year and a half, detectives haven’t received any new tips or leads in this case.  

As time continues to pass, it still hasn’t gotten any easier for the Hawkins family.  

“We live this over every day,” his widow Janet Hawkins said. “Gregg, he didn’t deserve not one ounce of this.  He deserves justice, he was a good man and he deserves justice.”  

It will be three years Tuesday since Gregg Hawkins was gunned down at Mona Boat Ramp after a day of fishing with his daughter Brandi Hawkins.    

“Just think like over the past three years how many people could have interacted with the person who killed my dad,” Brandi Hawkins said.  “And over the past three years, there are some people who have willingly interacted with the person who killed my dad. It’s your duty to this community to get that person off the streets.”  

His death has been a gut-wrenching pain they can’t seem to shake.  

“Difficult to digest, you know, it makes you sick,” brother Darren Hawkins said.    

The family said it took dozens of officers from multiple agencies to take catch jail escapees Dewayne Halfacre and Jonathan Baxter, they are hoping the person who killed Gregg is next.  

“Look at the resources that it took to finally capture them,” the brother said.  “You know, that’s why we’re asking you today,  ya’ll are our resources and we need your help.”  

The family hopes a $50,000 reward would be enough for someone to come forward.  

“There is still a murderer out there,” the widow said.  “Why you felt so threatened to take his life it’s just pathetic.  It’s pathetic because he’s such a good man. We would like for anyone who knows anything please call the authorities.”  

Gregg died doing what he loved, spending time with his daughters and fishing.  

“We just had a really great morning and then we had to go home, and he went home,” Brandi Hawkins said.  

He may be gone, but not forgotten.  

“This person or persons took Gregg from us, but they can’t take our memories,” Darren Hawkins said.  

Detectives said if you have any information that you failed to report around the time of the murder, you still can come forward and face no consequences.  They said their main concern is catching a killer.   

If you have any information about the murder of Gregg Hawkins, detectives said no tip is too small.    

“Please come forward so we can bring this case to justice,” daughter Logan LeRese said.  

People with information can call Detective Steve Kohler at (615) 904-3046 or Detective Kyle Norrod at (615) 904-3076 and leave a message.  

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