Family pig attacks Giles County grandmother


GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Giles County grandmother had the scare of her life Wednesday when the family’s pet pig attacked her in the back yard.

The great grandmother tells News 2, she thought she was going to die after the family’s pet pig named Squiggles attacked her, ripping a deep wound in her left leg.

Judy Lewter is still emotional as she recounts the horrific moments leading up to the attack.

“I thought well, I cannot lay here, If I lay here, I don’t know what will happen I might bleed to death.”

Just back from the hospital where she had surgery to repair her leg, Judy Lewter recalls hearing her dog bark and noticing a disturbance in the back yard. She saw that the family’s 3 year old pig was loose. Judy tells News 2, the pig has gotten loose before, sometimes finding a basketball and playing with the ball, pushing it around.

Judy says she picked up a plastic baseball bat and began to lead Squiggles to the pen.

The 71 year old Great Grandmother of 8 says that’s when the pig ripped her left calf with it’s sharp tusk which is more than 3 inches long.

Judy says “all i could see was blood.”

Judy says she whacked the pig in the head and it moved away. She says she felt nauseous and light headed and she fell to the ground. That’s when she saw the severity of the injury and noticed how badly she was bleeding.

“i’m seriously hurt and probably could die,” Judy says when asked what she was thinking.

Judy says she gathered her thoughts and courage and pulled herself to her feet. She says she limped and dragged herself thru the back yard and up the rear stairs.

Judy says she calls 911 and phones her loved ones.

Arriving deputies will notice the blood trail realizing how serious the situation is.

Judy says, “I called my daughter, and said Cindy I’ve been hurt. It is bad. It’s really really bad.”

The senior goes to Maury Regional Medical Center where doctors tell her they need to surgically close the wound and reduce the threat of infection.

Judy says the pig was given to one of her grandchildren as a pet when it was very small. The person who gave the pig said it was a pot bellied pig. But as Squiggles grew, it quickly became obvious that was not the case.

Now this great grandmother wants the pig gone. Her grandchildren have fed the pig and played with the pig and now she is fearful it could hurt one of them.

The family says they no longer want the pig on their property and they are talking to people who want it.

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