UPDATE: An AMBER Alert has officially been issued for Noah Clare.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Three-year-old Noah Clare has been missing for 10 days. On Nov. 6, his father was supposed to drop him off with his mother in Gallatin but never showed up. His 16-year-old cousin Amber Clare is also missing from Kentucky. The three may be together with Noah’s father, Jake Clare.

The Michigan State Police posted on Twitter the three may now be in northern Michigan. 

“It’s been a nightmare; it’s been the absolute worst thing I’ve ever gone through in my entire life,” said Noah’s mother, Amanda Ennis. “Noah’s so happy; he’s so silly, he’s so funny, so sweet and just the kindest of kid. He’s my baby, and I just want him home.”

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  • Jacob F. Clare
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AMBER Alerts have not been issued for Noah or Amber.

“We’re trying to get the AMBER Alert pushed up,” said Noah’s uncle, Adam Ennis. “With it being two children from two different states, they’ve gotta treat it separately, unfortunately, which for Noah’s case they don’t believe he’s in any danger, which, with the history Jake has with his mental instability, everyone knows that kid is in danger.” 

Adam Ennis said an AMBER Alert has not been issued out of Kentucky for Amber because she was not abducted so it does not meet all the criteria.

“The one that is not being met, is her being kidnapped since she left on her own will technically; that’s not a box that’s checked off,” Ennis said. “Honestly, I think that’s something that needs to be changed.”

Each state sets its criteria for issuing AMBER alerts. Guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice said the child must be 17 or younger, have been abducted, be at risk for serious injury or death and there must be sufficient description of the child, captor or captor’s vehicle.

The TBI issued an endangered child alert for Noah Clare Monday.

“Though we cannot discuss the specific reasons why, we’ve determined, for now, this case does not meet the established criteria for issuing an AMBER alert.”

“We need the AMBER alert; that’s what’s going to help bring these kids home,” Amanda Ennis said.

In the meantime, she is asking anyone who may spot Noah to call the TBI immediately and she’s asking Jake to bring her son and Amber back home.

“That would be the best-case scenario if Jake would just show up outside with the kids, he could drop them off then leave,” Amanda Ennis said. “I don’t care what happens to him. I just want my baby back.”

If you have any information about Noah or Amber, you can call 1-800-TBI-FIND or write an email to tipstoTBI@tn.gov.