Family friend forces 12-year-old to get birth control implant


PENNSYLVANIA (CNN) – A Pennsylvania mother was horrified to learn a family friend forced her 12-year-old daughter to get on birth control.

The woman allegedly took the girl to a health clinic — where she got an implantable birth control device. She was supposed to be taking her to school.

The girl’s mother, Misty Evans, said her daughter has babysat for the woman’s daughter in the past– and even slept over at her house.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says federal law prohibits clinicians from requiring parental consent to get birth control.

Evans says what concerns her is her daughter did not want the contraceptive.

“The family friend forced her and told her she had to have it because she was 12 years old,” Evans said.

Evans said she has seen paperwork where the woman claimed to be her daughter’s aunt.

She says her daughter was so shaken by the experience that she didn’t admit it until a month after it happened.

Police are investigating the matter –though they say they’re not yet sure what the potential charge would be.

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