Fairview officer ‘lucky to be alive’ after being hit by car during traffic stop


A Fairview officer is lucky to be alive. He was on a routine traffic stop when suddenly a driver who failed to move over ran into the officer.  

It’s Nov. 21 just before 7 p.m. Officer David Martinez just pulled over a suspect who had a warrant and was about to go to jail.  

There were multiple police cars on the scene and lights were activated. 

It’s a long clear stretch of Highway 100 where the speed limit is 45 mph.  

Most vehicles were obeying the law and moving over if it is safe to do so and if not, slowing down to pass carefully.  

Then all of a sudden, a pick-up truck being driven by a 50-year-old Fairview man ripped by.  

The officer’s papers flew into the air, glass from the mirror shattered, and the officer’s hand was hit.  He was stunned. 

 “I got hit with a mirror. I turned around to get out of his way and he hit me with his mirror,” said Officer Martinez.  

Even the arrested man was shocked by what they all just witnessed.  

“I can’t believe that happened I was trying to get out of his way. No, he was not impaired. He pulled over immediately, was very cooperative, sorry for what took place, very remorseful.” 

Officer Martinez went to the hospital with a very swollen hand, but amazingly there were no broken bones. 

The chief says a foot either way and this story is about a young officer with a wife and four kids who is seriously hurt or killed. 

“If my officer was two feet over in the road, and he squared him up, then we have a whole different incident at this point,” said chief Zack Humphries.  

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.  

The driver was cited with a number of infractions, including violation of the Move Over Law. 

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