NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The mayor of Fairview stepped down from his position Tuesday after he was accused of shoplifting.

John Blade turned himself in to the Maury County jail last week.

Spring Hill police said the 53-year-old stole hundreds of dollars of items from a Target store.

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According to a Spring Hill Police report, the incident happened September 19, 2020. Target Loss Prevention reps said Blade spent about an hour in the store. Then he reportedly used his personal Target Credit Card to self check out.

According to Spring Hill Police, Blade scanned some items, but he didn’t scan other items putting them in his cart. Police said he left the store with the unpaid items.

About an hour later, Blade entered the store a second time. According to investigators, the mayor once again self scanned some items but not others.

The report indicates at least 44 items described as household goods were taken. Some of the items listed in the police report are three tweezers and skin care items. In all, Target claimed Blade stole $281 dollars worth of household items.

Blade’s resignation is effective immediately and Vice Mayor Debbie Rainey will assume the mayor’s duties for the rest of Blade’s term.

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