Building construction is now underway at the Nashville Fairgrounds. 

Crews are running on time for a Summer relocation, despite record rainfall in February. 

Right now, they are in the midst of constructing 130,000 square feet of indoor space in three buildings. 

On the site, you will see walls and roofing on Expo 3, the pad work for Expo 2, which is the banquet hall that will also include Skyliner Café, and the super steel structure for Expo 1. 

“We are working on the site work for our sheds and parking lots and our show arena as well as just prepping the site for all of the utilities, all of the new utilities that are coming in so we’ve got a tight timeline, we are absolutely on track for a Summer relocation,” Laura Womack Executive Director of the Fairgrounds told News 2.  

She says the best part about the new facility is it is column-free which will be an advantage for events like the Flea Market. 

They just recently opened a new dog park at Fairpark. Besides that, Womack says they have finished 22 of the 46 acres included in the project. She says the next phase is to extend the greenway to Nolensville, which will serve as a connector.  

The massive overhaul is already drumming up renewed interest for the fairgrounds with folks wanting tours, looking to move their events there. 

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