NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you have a college student in your family, you know it’s a big weekend. It’s time for them to move in on campus.

Austin Peay, Tennessee State and Tennessee Tech all have big move-in days Thursday.

MTSU, Belmont and Lipscomb will welcome the students this weekend.

It can be an overwhelming process but a few experts have tips to save you money and your kids some space in their small rooms.

Tennessee Tech’s resident director to talk to your roommate now. She says you probably don’t need two tv’s or two microwaves.

Save money by buying all in one packages like bed in a bag.

Also, buy things that serve more than one purpose, like a nightstand that doubles as storage.

When you get there use every nook and cranny and don’t forget about the under bed space. There is always potential to store a lot of things out of sight under there.

Home decor store At Home says their biggest tip is get multiple alarm clocks.

At Home’s Maria Bailey says, “Today millennials don’t wear watches and they always tell time based on their cellphones well the electricity could go out, the battery could die so it’s always good to have that good old reliable traditional clock that runs on a battery.”

We asked Tennessee Tech’s resident director if there is anything she wants parents to remember about move in day.

Nicole Williams says, “Yes! Make sure that your kids are moving their stuff in and it’s not just you! Do not clean for them make sure that they are assisting with the cleaning process. But it should be a team effort not just mom is in there cleaning or dad is in there moving.”

Both experts have talked to dozens of parents about moving their kids into college, and the number one thing everyone said is first on their list is a mattress cover. They think it could be parents’ fear of campus bed bugs.