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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The ex-girlfriend of Caleb Cannon and a former cellmate were among those who testified Wednesday, revealing new details in the murder of Nikki Burgess.

Kim Himes said on several occasions Cannon told her Burgess, the 36-year-old mother of his son, would “one day disappear.”

“He would have the perfect alibi because he would have their son with them and she would just disappear and everyone would assume she had just relapsed back on drugs or that she had just run off,” Himes told the courtroom.

When asked how many times Cannon made those sorts of comments, Himes replied, “I honestly couldn’t tell you. It was regular. He said it and it was just very matter of fact and it was the same thing.”

Cannon’s former cellmate, Brian Breuington, also took the stand with some of the most graphic testimony of the day.

He said Cannon told him he killed Burgess in her bedroom.

“He followed her to the bedroom, took out a pair of brass knuckles. The brass knuckles he said were wrapped in a piece of cloth or towel of some sort and he struck her in the back of the head the brass knuckle repeatedly until she fell on the ground in the bedroom,” Breuington testified.

He continued, “He took a cord that he had ripped off an appliance of some sort at the house – he didn’t say what appliance – he put it around her neck and strangled her to death.”

When asked if Cannon ever told him what happened to Burgess’ body, he said, “Took it to a farm, put it in a machine that ground up her body.”

Crime scene investigators and a TBI forensic scientist also testified and spoke about gathering fingerprints and DNA from the scene.Click here to read more on Nikki Burgess’ case.