NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Attorneys for Erin Andrews believe the owner and operator of a Nashville hotel should pay the full $55 million she was recently awarded in a civil lawsuit.

In a new court filing, the attorneys say West End Hotel Partners, the owner, and Windsor Capitol Group, the operator, should not split the payout with Michael Barrett, the man found guilty of altering a peephole on Andrews’ hotel room in 2009, secretly recording her naked and posting the video online.

Andrews’ attorneys cite a complex law, joint and several liabilities, that asserts all parties found liable are still independently liable for the full extent of damages regardless of a jury’s designation of how at fault each party is.

The state of Tennessee overturned that law in 2013 but the overturn only affects cases on or after July 1, 2013. According to her attorneys, Andrews’ claims come well before then, making the new law ineffective toward her case.

Furthermore, the attorneys assert the hotel defendants should be liable for all of the damages “because the intentional conduct of Barrett was a foreseeable consequence of their negligence.”

On March 7, a jury found Barrett 51 percent liable with the hotel’s owner and operator 49 percent liable. Extrapolated, that turns out to be a judgment for $28.05 against Barrett and $26.95 million against West End and Windsor Capitol.