Epic Eclipse: How to tell if your glasses are fake


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WRKN) – If you’re wondering if your eclipse viewing glasses are safe, there are warning signs you can look for on the back of the glasses.

Dr. David Holladay, an ophthalmologist with Visionworks in Nashville West, gave News 2 some clues to look for.

Legitimate, safe and certified glasses will usually have the ISO logo on the back of the glasses.

They will also have some language like: “Conforms to and meets the Transmission Requirements of ISO 12312-2…”

Legitimate eclipse glasses manufacturers will also print user instructions on the back.RELATED:NASA says unsafe eclipse glasses being distributed

Some counterfeit manufacturers, especially from China, will print the ISO 12312-2 code on the back, but that doesn’t mean they are actually ISO certified.

Dr. Holladay says to look for red flags, like disclaimers or fake ISO logos.

“That’s a huge red flag. I think with this, if it just feels wrong, and feels off, it’s not worth it,” Holladay said. “Just make sure you don’t take chances on this.”

Holladay also says to take breaks from looking at the eclipse, even if you’re wearing safe viewing glasses.

To find out if the manufacturer of your eclipse viewing glasses are verified, check out the American Astronomical Society’s website.Visit wkrn.com/eclipse for all the resources and information you need.

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