Entertainment district with ice hockey facility proposed in Gallatin


GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A new project could soon bring an ice hockey rink to Sumner County,
along with a hotel, retail, new homes, and much more.

Josh King, the assistant city planner in Gallatin, tells News 2 it will be unlike anything outside of Nashville.

“The ice project as we’ve termed it has been a long term goal of the city, much like the Facebook data center,” King explained. “We’ve worked collectively with Hendersonville on the county and the property owners on this project for about four years or so, bringing the sheets of ice, along with the rest of development opens up a new arena for tourism for Gallatin.”

The entertainment would be stretched across 54 acres of land in the middle of Gallatin, Hendersonville, and unincorporated Sumner County on the corner of Shute Lane and Nashville Pike.

The district would be called The Goat Farm, named after the area’s history, according to the agenda item proposal.

It’s a development proposal for 60,000 sq ft. of retail and restaurant space, a hotel with more than 100 rooms, residential capacity for about 130, and a 36,000 sq ft. indoor recreation venue with two indoor championship-style ice rinks, along with restaurants.

The developers, Old Hickory Hockey, LLC, will develop the ice rinks in partnership with the Nashville Predators, according to the senior project manager John Sexton’s letter to the Gallatin Planning Commission.

“The main focal point of the development is bringing that really… unique sports venue, with the sheets of ice to our area which really is been under-served in this market for years. As the city is growing and hockey is growing in popularity,” King said.

But residents in the area told News 2 they are concerned about the flow of traffic on the roads already. They’re hoping the planning commission takes a close look at the development’s impact on traffic in the neighborhood.

The Gallatin planning department says the revenue and jobs are a guarantee.

“There will be construction jobs associated with this project, there will be additional opportunities created with the retail opportunities. The ice rinks themselves will need to be maintained so there’ll be job creation activities there,” King said. “This is one of the reasons why it’s been a really big project… for the city, for the county, and for Hendersonville to bring this to the region.”

The project was set to be introduced to the planning commission in a work session meeting Monday night.

If the planning commission approves the plan with or without any amendments, King suggests it could be voted on by the end of the month and then passed on to city council for a future vote.

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