Lawmakers & Families Respond to TNReady Problems


The Tennessee Department of Education Tuesday claimed that there  was a deliberate attack against the TNReady system, affecting thousands of students and teachers across the state.  

“To reiterate what we have shared earlier, there is absolutely no evidence that student data or information has been compromised,” said Candice McQueen, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Education.  

She also says system administrators are taking steps to prevent a repeat attack and testing has resumed.  

“We’re calling for the resignation of Candice McQueen of the Tennessee Department of Education, said Rep. John Ray Clemmons, Democrat, District 55. “For yet another year, our state’s tests have failed our students,” 

Outrage from lawmakers was bipartisan. Many lawmakers, like Representative Wiilliam Lamberth have children trying to take the tests.

“I have filed an amendment to go back to paper testing, said Rep. William Lamberth, Republican, District 44. “It’s tried. It’s true. It works. We ask these students to study hard. We ask teachers to work hard and we ask them to give this test. It is our job to make sure test is administered properly.”  

“I am at the point in time where we blame the companies over and over again,” said Rep. Bo Mitchell, Democrat, District 50. “It’s time to blame the people selecting the companies.”   

“Chairman Brooks, Forgerty and myself will have a joint gov ops education committee,” said Rep. Jeremy Faison, Government Operations Committee Chair. “We will have the TBI in if there has been an issue, an illegal issue.” 

Preliminary information is that the meeting will take place at 12 p.m. Wednesday.

Another lawmaker with children taking the test called for getting the facts before taking any action.

“Lets have a hearing,” said Rep. Ryan Williams, Republican, District 42. “Call education in front of education and gov ops someone give us an update where we are.” 

We will know more about any potential action from lawmakers at the hearing scheduled for Wednesday. 

Parents are questioning the timing of tn ready and they wonder if their children could spend summer days taking the test. 

“It’s frustrating for her,” said Glencliff High School parent Marci Tamayo. “They’re telling them they have to study for this test and then they tell them no we’re going to give out the test. Of course that’s frustrating.”

 “I make sure he gets up every morning to get ready for this and I keep getting these emails  that ‘it’s not going to happen today,” said Jennifer Ladd, parent. “It’s a two-week long test and the more Tennessee isn’t getting it together the longer it’s going to be.” 

Students who spoke to News 2 said they were upset they couldn’t take the test and they said they were happy unless it means summer break is pushed back.

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