Eclipse crowds will be tough to estimate in Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As we draw nearer to the total solar eclipse that will darken the skies of Nashville on Monday, the excitement is growing.

Visitors for the eclipse have already started arriving in Music City.

One group that spoke to News 2 came from Philadelphia for the event.

Another man traveled all the way from London to view the eclipse and take in the music scene.

But figuring out just how many people will visit Music City for the eclipse will be tricky, according to Butch Spyridon, president of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.

Most large events in Nashville are concentrated downtown, so police can estimate crowd sizes.

For the eclipse, however, you can watch from anywhere, so counting visitors is impossible.RELATED: How many people will come to Tennessee, Kentucky for the eclipse?

Spyridon said it’s easier to track the number of overnight guests.

“We’re estimating now about 90,000 visitors, and about $28 million in visitor spending,” said Spyridon. “That’s overnight visitors. You’ve got a million and a half people living in the market. My guess is 90 percent of them are going to be outside.”

That doesn’t include the people that will visit Nashville just for the day.

“So it’s going to feel like a two million person city for a few hours on Monday,” Spyridon said.

It’s important to keep in mind though the crowds will be spread out all over town, not packed onto Broadway like many large events.

“Don’t feel like you’ve got to cram into one place,” Spyridon said. “Go where you can enjoy it the most, because it’s a pretty special opportunity to see that none of us will ever see again.”MORE: Map tells you exactly when, how long you’ll see total solar eclipse of 2017Visit for all the resources and information you need.

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