Drunken teen in stolen car crashes into cars in East Nashville neighborhood


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Christina Khan says her car and her husband’s new truck were rammed into by a drunk driver Wednesday night.  

“Heard a humongous crash,” Kahn said.  

Both their cars were smashed outside their East Nashville home.  Kahn’s Prius was side-swiped, and her mirror was torn off.  

The worst damage was to her husband’s pickup truck, which is now totaled. 

“We’re just devastated,” she said. “Just shocked, complete shock.” 

Metro police say the driver was a 17-year-old male in a stolen red Kia who took off running after the crash. 

“What the heck would lead a kid to do something like this?” Kahn said. 

According to police, when the suspect was caught, he smelled like alcohol, had slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes. 

The teen told police he drank a bottle of alcohol. 

“Look what drunk driving can do,” she said.  

Kahn says a half-empty bottle of vodka was spotted in the stolen car.  

“What if there would’ve been a person around?” she asked.  

With a recent uptick in teen crime, Kahn says more needs to be done to keep kids from going down the wrong path. 

“The kids are doing these ridiculous things, breaking into cars, breaking into houses, stealing anything they can get their hands on,” she said. “For what?” 

In the meantime, Kahn says she’s grateful no one was hurt. 

“Don’t drink and drive,” she said. “There’s no reason for it. It’s just complete stupidity.” 

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