Drunk man found with loaded AR-15: Metro Police


A man was found slumped over his steering wheel with a loaded rifle next to him, according to Metro Police.

Officers were called to an apartment complex on Calabee Way in Antioch Wednesday evening and that’s where they say they found John Harris passed out in his truck. Officer say the keys were in the ignition and there was a loaded AR-15 in the passenger seat. 

The officer says he woke Harris up who he described as very disoriented and confused. Harris was coherent enough to tell the officer he had another gun in his back pocket and the officer safely removed it.

Police say Harris did poorly on the field-sobriety-test.

The officer searched Harris’ truck and says he found a crack pipe, pills prescribed to another man and other drugs.

The officer ran the serial numbers of the two guns and the handgun came back as stolen.

Harris is facing several charges including DUI and theft.

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