NASHVILLE, Tenn., (WKRN) — The 18th Judicial Drug Task Force (JDTF) is asking for the public’s help to locate two of the agency’s most wanted drug felons.

Agents told Andy Cordan both men are violent and at large.

The first suspect is Carl Parrish Jr. Drug agents called the 44-year-old a known “gang banger” who is now wanted for felony cocaine and marijuana distribution.

A drug agent with the 18th JDTF said, “He was definitely not a small time dealer.”

According to task force agents, Parrish is known on the street as “Mighty Dog.” His criminal history in Metro alone dates back 26 years. That record includes multiple crimes for drugs, robbery, assault, and weapons charges.

In September of this year, drug agents raided Parrish’s Gallatin house. At the time of the arrest,
Parrish reportedly told police he was a “Big Fish” in the drug game. “He had no idea we were onto him.”

A search of his residence turned up three firearms that a convicted felon should not own. Agents also seized bundles of cash, ammo and marijuana. Additionally, Police seized several cars, but it’s possible Parrish could be driving a distinct looking Mercury Marquis with unique rims.

Agents said, “We’ve tried to make contact with him over the last week or so. We cannot find him. We don’t know if he is in Nashville or up this way hiding out.”

The other most wanted suspect is Diangelo Goliday. He is a man 18th JDTF agents said had large amounts of heroin mixed with fentanyl.

Investigators told News 2, the 30-year-old currently has outstanding warrants for heroin distribution. According to members of the 18th JDTF, in October of this year, agents seized more than 12 ounces of of heroin and fentanyl – in multiple packages from Goliday.

Agents said, “The small amounts of fentanyl they are putting in drugs now – this is what is causing people to overdose and die. It’s very very bad stuff.” Narcotics officers also found ecstasy and cocaine.

According to a metro records check, Goliday has a long history that includes kidnapping out of Sumner County and a 2018 murder charge out of Metro. Agents said, “He is a violent individual.”

There is a twist. According investigators, Goliday was branding his heroin with decals entitled “Face Card.” The stickers appear to be a cartoon likeness of Goliday standing in front of a white ice cream truck.

Agents claimed, “He had plastic bags he was putting these on. They actually have a cartoon depiction of him wearing a necklace that he owns. Guess this is his business, his drug dealing business, that he was starting to build up.”

According to the Metro clerk’s website, Goliday’s 2018 murder charge was dismissed at the request of the state. News 2 has inquired with the Davidson County DA’s office for clarification as to why.

Both suspects are considered to be dangerous. Task Force Agents say if you have any information call your local law enforcement agency.