Drug agents seize hallucinogens sent through the mail


SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A two-month long drug investigation in Sumner County culminates Tuesday when agents with the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force bust a man with acid, Psilocybin, and marijuana.

Agents say it was all mailed through the mail to a Gallatin man who recently moved from Bowling Green, Ky.

David Gerchikov
David Gerchikov

The primary drug agent working the case tells News 2, “We did two controlled buys and bought marijuana from him.”

On July 20, drug agents with the 18th JDTF executed a search warrant at the apartment of 28-year-old David Gerchikov, who reportedly works at a Gallatin restaurant.

“He had been working in restaurants for years and selling marijuana on the side.”

When agents opened Gerchikov’s refrigerator, they found hallucinogens that included LSD and Magic mushrooms.

Drug agents say there were 51 hits of acid selling for $15 apiece. Agents also seized 48 mushroom edibles covered in chocolate. The drug was packaged under the name “Chosen Chocolates.” Agents also seize THC oil and scales and packaging materials.

“It is not a common thing that we get LSD. He still had his clients in Bowling Green and then he started picking up his clients here in Sumner County also,” said the drug agent.

Even the pot had brand names like Milky Way, Atomic Runtz, and Gusher Mintz.

“He said he got everything thru the mail.”

According to drug agents, when busted, Gerchikov was shocked.

“It’s still illegal to sell narcotics. And you will get caught at some point. You cannot continue to sell drugs without hitting someone’s radar and you will get caught, like this guy, he had absolutely no clue,” said the drug agent.

Agents say the 28-year-old has no priors. He is currently in the Sumner County Jail under a $125,000 bond. Police say the U.S. Postal Service is now also interested in this investigation.

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