Dr. Fiscus’ husband speaks out after muzzle sent to her before firing, says she’s being ‘attacked’ for doing her job

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Tennessee’s former top vaccine official sent muzzle days before firing (Photo: Brad Fiscus)

The husband of ousted vaccine official Dr. Michelle Fiscus is speaking out after she received a muzzle in the mail just days before she was fired.

The muzzle is just the latest in a series of events leading up to the controversial firing of Dr. Fiscus whose family is now reevaluating their safety measures.

Tennessee’s Department of Homeland Security is investigating who sent the muzzle to one of the state’s top doctors.

“She was doing her job and she’s being attacked for that,” Brad Fiscus said.

Dr. Fiscus was the Medical Director for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunization, she says she was fired for doing her job. Sharing the ‘Mature Minor Doctrine’, decades old case law about health care rights children have to medical providers

“I know that there is a group that are strategizing how to attack her professionally , we’re prepared and they’re not going to be do that,” Fiscus said.

So far Governor Bill Lee has been silent on the issue.

“The attack is already there right, Piercey was appointed by him to be the commissioner of health, he is the elected leader of the state of Tennessee, he owns this,” Fiscus said.

Lt. Governor Randy McNally is not condemning the muzzle being sent to Dr. Fiscus anonymously via Amazon sent to her while she was an employee of the state.

Instead his office says he has ‘no comment’.

“A lot of us up here in public office have received death threats, we receive threats of various forms — it’s always the act of a coward to do something like that,” Rep. John Ray Clemmons, a Nashville Democrat said.

He adds, some fellow legislators are responsible for the hostile political environment surrounding vaccinations.

“I know and very seriously doubt any of my colleagues sent that muzzle to dr. Fiscus but their words and their actions resulted in that and we need to be held accountable for that my colleagues need to be held accountable,” Clemmons said.

We also asked the Governor’s office on if Homeland Security Investigators would be allowed to do their job without interference from his office and have not heard back.

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