Doorbell camera captures gunshots in La Vergne road rage incident


LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Police say several men fired gunshots into the air during a road rage incident in a La Vergne neighborhood Thursday morning.

It happened on David’s Way and Jo Ann Drive just after 5:30 a.m. A resident’s doorbell camera captured the frightening sound of tires on the pavement following a series of gunshots.

“I heard immediately this very loud ‘bam bam bam’ then there was a couple seconds break and then ‘bam bam’ and then tires screeching off,” resident Joann Magnuson told News 2.

Residents were waking up to get ready for work and kids dressed for school.

“It was just such an impact, they were just back to back,” said mother Geraldine Gurdian.

Police told News 2 a woman reported a man in a silver sedan following her down the street then stopping and firing a gun in the air.

He fired a total of 10 rounds, but police say they did not receive any reports of bullets hitting homes, cars, or injuring anyone.

“What if they did? I mean that’s so irresponsible. Road rage? Really? On a 25 mile an hour street? What? What is wrong with people?” Magnuson said, “There’s kids that live around here. Something could have ricocheted and gone through somebody’s window and killed them while they slept.”

Residents like Magnuson who’ve lived there for decades expressed fears of change in their quiet community.

“I’ve never had anything this close before,” said resident Mark Mangerson, “Didn’t really want to think that anything like that would happen here, but obviously that’s not the case.”

“What did it accomplish? Did you make your point? Did you teach that driver a lesson?” Mangerson asked, “Did you scare the heck out of a lot of people who are trying to start their day? Yeah, that’s what you accomplished.”

Police say the woman who claimed to be followed did not have a description of the man driving, but anyone with information regarding the driver of the white sedan, possibly a Toyota, can contact La Vergne police.

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