Domestic violence victim speaks after attacker found living under her home

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A man who was living under a woman’s Lebanon home, who cut a hole in her floor to attack her — is still in jail tonight in Wilson County. The victim beaten, chocked and terrorized.

“It was very scary,” The 37-year-old woman told News 2. “I was panicking. He hit me in my face several times and he choked me, and my wrist was bruised up.”

The woman told News 2 she met Michael DeYoung online. They talked for a few months and went out on a couple of dates, but she quickly realized there was something ‘not right’ about the 32-year-old man.

“He was blowing up my phone, and I’m ignoring the phone calls,” she recalled. The situation escalated on March 25 when she came home to find DeYong inside her home. 

“He is standing there all in black — black hoodie, black shoes, black pants — and he threw me down on the kitchen floor and started choking me,” the mother of three children told News 2. “I told him he was hurting me, and he was smiling and he was talking crazy, [saying things like], ‘You will see what you mean to me.’ [and] ‘You and me could’ve been good together.’ He kept saying, ‘Say you are going to be a good girl.’ And I said, ‘I’ll be a good girl.'”

The woman escaped, eventually find protection from the family across the street. 

“That afternoon when I got home, I found he had a robe under the bed and it was soaked in ammonia, and he had some duct tape and a noose rope.”

DeYoung was arrested after the incident but was out of jail the very next day. That’s when the victim said he began stalking her again. 

“He was just blowing my phone up,” she said.

The woman told News 2’s Andy Cordan that, for the next two weeks,  DeYoung would make multiple calls and texts to her phone — and she believes he broke into her home again. 

Then, on the morning of April 8, the victim said she walked into her home and had a bad feeling. So she left, returned and entered the house with a man who has a carry permit and a gun.

While he swept the home, she found Deyoung hiding under the bed in her room.

“I looked in my bedroom. I was standing at the door and I could see his hand under my bed,” she said.

It turns out DeYoung was living in the crawl space of her home with a sleeping bag, clothes and food. He cut a hole through her floor, under her vanity mirror, to gain entry to her bedroom. 

“I just started screaming,” she said. “My friend came running, and Michael was very slow, he is like, “I’m leaving,” and my friend [goes], ‘No, you are not.’  I was screaming and panicking it was just weird.”

“It was a creepy feeling,” she said, recalling how she felt after DeYoung was arrested. “I scrubbed my house down. He was sleeping my girl’s bed.”

DeYoung is now in the Wilson County Jail. He’s being held without bond.

This 37-year-old mom of three children said she is glad he’s behind bars. However, she still questions the system that let her alleged attacker loose after what happened to her just two weeks before. 

“It was very scary,” she said. “I was panicking. He hit me in the face several times and he choked me and he was smiling.”

She credits Lebanon Police for a quick response, arresting DeYoung after the first attack on March 25 and charging him with aggravated burglary, false imprisonment, domestic aggravated assault, and interference with emergency calls. 

By law, a domestic violence offender must spend at least 12 hours in jail. And in this case, Michael DeYoung spent 16.5 hours behind bars before posting an $11,000 bond.

The law also mandates that police notify victims of an alleged offenders release from custody. However, the woman claims she had no idea that DeYoung was set free. 

“As soon as he gets out he won’t stop,” she said. “You see the look in his face.”

Officials with the Wilson County Jail told News 2, they attempted to contact the victim but her number was not working. 

“Will it take him killing me for you to do something?” she said. “That’s what I asked. Like, what will it take? You keep letting him out.”

DeYoung is jailed without bond in Wilson County. He is facing additional charges of aggravated burglary, assault and violating conditions of release from the second incident when he was found hiding under her home. He will be in court on Tuesday, April 16.

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