Domestic violence survivor does social experiment to see who would help victims


On Saturday, a domestic violence survivor put her theory to the test; wondering what Nashvillians would do if confronted with possible domestic violence in public. 

Sparkle Johnson, CEO of the domestic violence nonprofit, Super Women Inc. held her social experiment in the Gulch. 

She recreated injuries on her face and body that she experienced while in a six-year abusive relationship. 

Johnson pointed to a painted-on bruise on her head and said, “This long bruise right here, it symbolized like where he stumped in my head. He actually stumped in on this side, and it was bruised like this.” 

She was with her abuser for six years and she was able to leave the relationship in early 2016. 

In Johnson’s two hour experiment, News 2 only saw three people who stopped and helped. 

“They walked by, they looked, they pointed, they whispered, some even took pictures – but nobody offered to help me,” said Johnson. 

News 2 spoke to one man who did stop, David Keeling. 

“I thought she was hurt, I thought she needed help,” said Keeling. 

Keeling also shared why he felt more people didn’t stop to offer help. 

“A lot of folks don’t want to get involved in other people’s business.” though, he said he’d like to see more awareness about domestic violence. 

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