Dog bites man at Clarksville party; Another person bites dog


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An investigation is underway after a dog bit a man at a party, and then another person bit the dog.

According to, the incident took place during a birthday party Wednesday night at a home on Avondale Drive.

The Montgomery County Animal Care and Control reported that a woman brought her dog Killa to the party and then got into an altercation with the man who was celebrating his birthday.

She reportedly grabbed the man’s glass, slammed it down, poured out his liquor, and brandished a butter knife at him. The homeowner then asked her to leave, but she refused.

He reportedly grabbed her arm to escort her out, and that’s when her dog bit him.

Officials believe the dog was trying to protect the woman.

During the scuffle, the dog was bitten on the head by a human. Both bites drew blood, but were not serious injuries.

The dog was described as a pit bull by the complainant; however, the exact breed has not been confirmed by the Montgomery County Animal Care and Control.

The dog is up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and will remain under quarantine for 10 days, which is standard procedure.

The person who bit the dog has not come forward.

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