Tennessee Vaccine Tracker: Does your county have available COVID-19 vaccine doses?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a question many Tennesseans are asking: When, and where, can I receive a COVID-19 vaccine? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Information released Monday by the Tennessee Department of Health identifies which distribution phase each county is in and if there is an available vaccine. News 2 created this map to make it easier to identify the area where you live.

covid-19 vaccine availability

The counties in green, as of Monday morning, have available vaccine doses, those in yellow have only a limited supply, while the counties in red have none left.

Davidson is one of those red counties and lags behind all others in distribution. The Director of Communications for Metro Health, Brian Todd, says the delay is simply based on supply versus demand.

“Just in Davidson County alone, there are about 55,000 people that would fall into 1a1 category. Nashville is in a little bit of a different place, for instance, then some of these other counties that may only have one hospital.”  

The sheer volume of people falling into the first group means doses for Davidson County were divided up amongst a host of providers including hospitals like Vanderbilt.

“We’re still full steam ahead. We’re actually getting ready to begin dose two,” says Dr. Lori Rolando, director of the occupational health clinic at VUMC.

Long-term care facilities receive vaccines through assigned clinics. Metro health is vaccinating first responders.

“Our initial doses was about 9,000,” says Todd. Which is not enough to cover the need. And now, it’s a waiting game. “As soon as we get additional vaccine,” Todd says, “we already have a plan in place to move to the next phase.”

It’s unclear when that will happen. But, Todd is clear, when more doses arrive distribution will be orderly. “Once we move to the next phase, 75 and older , there’s going to be a process to make an appointment to do that. I’m afraid we’re going to have people who show up, who don’t have an appointment, that we’re going to have to turn away. I want to do everything we can do not to have that happen.”

UPDATE: Governor Bill Lee announced Tuesday a new online tool to help you find out when you will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. To use the tool, click here.

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