NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The noise and joys of party buses, also known as “transportainment,” are a staple for tourists in Music City.

Some say they are loud, obnoxious and a safety hazard, while others say they are what makes Nashville unique, touting its multi-million-dollar revenue benefits.

“These bachelorette parties, they are having a blast!” said Steve Smith, who owns some of the most popular honky-tonks on Broadway. “I think it brings more people to Nashville. I think it’s safer than walking up and down these streets.”

Metro City Council is considering a new ordinance that would put new regulations in place for party buses, party wagons, and mobile hot tubs. The proposed legislation considers everything from cutting out alcohol to toughening operational standards. The ordinance has already passed two readings.

“We like the bill as it is,” said Jim Schmitz, co-organizer of “Safe Fun Nashville” — a community organization in favor of regulating big party vehicles. “We think that it grants great latitude to the transportation licensing commission to go in and put in place specific regulations to working with the various constituents involved to put the right regulations in place.”

Instead, Smith says he would like to see the city council focus more on cleaning up the streets, rather than regulating party buses.

“See about fixing the roads. See about fixing these bums. See about garbage being picked up,” said Smith. “Do your job. Don’t worry about people out here making a living. Don’t worry about people coming to this city having a good time, because this is a fun city.”

Schmitz says there has to be a balance of fun and safety on lower Broadway.

“The fact of the matter is: if there are no guidelines put around this, there is great potential that will put harm for them and for all of the tourist industry downtown,” said Schmitz.

Metro City Council will consider the third and final reading of the ordinance at their regular council meeting Tuesday night.