Different versions for protesters injury on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For a month now, two different versions of confrontations often emerge between state troopers and protesters on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

The latest is how a protester suffered a head injury over the weekend.

As versions of various incidents conflict, sometimes cameras are there. Sometimes they are not.

Case in point was a tweet Saturday from long time Tennessee Capitol Hill activist Justin Jones.

“The violence by THP is beyond words,” wrote Jones. “They rushed forward and pushed one of our friends down the steps bc they said using a bullhorn was “disorderly conduct.” He did not cross barricades/violate any rule. When he fell he hit his head and became unresponsive.”

Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) troopers provide security the Capitol Hill building and Legislative Plaza across the street.

A later tweet from Jones on Saturday about the protester said “Update from hospital–he is beginning to respond slowly, but has a broken jawbone. Troopers also here at hospital. They should be arrested for assault and battery.”

In response to an inquiry Saturday from WKRN-TV, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Highway Patrol Wesley Moster, responded saying in part “Around midday today (Saturday) a protester who appeared under the influence was using a bullhorn very close to a trooper’s face at the capitol. A trooper confiscated the bullhorn and THP started to remove the bike rack barrier to take the protester into custody. While THP was removing the bike rack the protester retreated while being pulled by another protester down the stairs where he fell, hitting his head. The protester was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The THP never once came into contact with the protester.”

Jones was named in an arrest warrant over the weekend for tossing a bullhorn at a state trooper.

THP spokesperson Moster indicated in his email to WKRN-TV, that “Once released from the hospital, the protester that fell will be facing charges.”

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