Dickson dispatcher who took 911 call for missing boy wins award


A Dickson County 911 telecommunicator is honored as the county’s Telecommunicator of the Year.  

The winner just happens to be the woman who took the call from murder suspect Joseph Daniels, a call that initiated a massive manhunt for the 5-year-old child.  

Chelsea Lampley is 24 years old.  

“At first it was just a normal. Missing person’s call,” said Lampley.  

Lampley is also a new mother, giving birth to a baby girl.  

“When the call first came in, I was concerned that the child had just walked out. And I’m thinking they are going to get on scene and they are going to find him, and everything is going to be fine. Just like normal,” said the new mom.  

Lampley has been a Dickson County 911 telecommunicator for two years. 

 “At the time I felt worried for the parents and the child. It was cold and raining and storming the night he went missing,” said Lampley.  

On Wednesday, April 4 at 6:30 a.m., Lampley took the call from Joseph Daniels who claims that baby Joe, his 5-year-old, is missing.  

She is trained to ask questions and get help rolling to the scene.  

“If my child left, I’d be in a panic.” 

But the young mother soon realized that this call would lead to much more.  

“Somewhat overwhelming because there was such a response,” she said.  

Lampley doesn’t normally go to the scene but in this case, she felt compelled to.  

“Because I woke up and they had not found him,” she said.  

Then Saturday, the news that nobody wanted to hear, a father charged with the murder of a child.  

“Most people were angry. I was not so much angry as heart broken. We had so many people put in so much effort. We had people in our community go days without sleep, didn’t go home to their families. All for what they thought was a good cause. And it turns out they were being played the whole time,” said Lampley.  

Director of Dickson Communications, Rosalind Sowell presented Lampley with the Telecommunicator of the Year award Wednesday. 

“I would like to present you with the 2018 rising star award from the Dickson Communications Center. This was not done because of the call you took the other day. Since you’ve been back you’ve done an awesome job you are here and dependable and we love you.” 

This is the third year Dickson has awarded the rising star.  

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