NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In its Heyday, the Starwood Amphitheatre was known for bringing some of the best musicians to Nashville.

“We miss it a whole lot,” said Rodney Painter who remembers watching many concerts at the now-vacant lot. “At the moment it is an eyesore, so I would like to see something developed with it.”

On Wednesday, Ben Miskelly with Kimley Horn shared his company’s plans for the area.

“We want to create a space that looks back at the Starwood days,” said Miskelly. “There are a lot of Nashville locals that talk about the last performance they went to at Starwood.”

The site plan shows three separate areas that will be developed differently. The plan is to have around 80 units on the property.

“We are looking at proposing a mixed-use development at the front and an office mix with some industrial in the rear,” said Miskelly. “It offers some places to shop and eat and places to spend time. It also offers some green space.”

Some residents brought up concerns about traffic with the new development, but Miskelly says that is something that is being looked into.

“We are doing traffic studies and we are doing what we need to do to make the traffic better,” said Miskelly.

In the past, plans to develop Starwood have come up, but still, the lot sits vacant. Some residents living nearby want to know why this development will succeed.

“We have done more market studies,” said Miskelly. “We have a developer who is on board and who can really commit to what the market needs for the area.”

Since its closing more than a decade ago, the venue has remained undeveloped. There have been many proposals for the site, including in 2018 when an investor announced plans to build 200 townhomes, 150 senior living units, 200 loft apartments, and retail and office space.