Despite two helicopter searches, Donelson ax burglar keeps getting away


DONELSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — After dozens of break-ins in the Donelson area and two helicopter searches for two days in a row now, police are still searching for a serial ax burglar.

News 2 first reported about residents capturing the same man on their surveillance cameras repeatedly breaking into homes and cars in the area, often wielding a hammer or an ax.

Metro Police have now identified the suspect as 43-year-old Labar Pratt. They have issued two warrants for his arrest Wednesday for vandalism and trespassing. They tell News 2 they’re fast-tracking evidence to hopefully link him to at least a dozen residential burglaries and two businesses.

The break-ins are occurring during the night and in broad daylight. Residents say the man steals tools from backyards and goes into houses. One resident said he even cut his security camera wires.

“When I arrived, the house was a mess, purse on the floor, the shoes were a whole mess, my drawers were open, my underwear drawers were open, three designer purses were missing, two watches were missing,” one Merry Oaks resident who wished to remain anonymous told News 2.

The burglar broke into her home at just after noon on Friday, taking some of her most personal possessions including the wooden chest her dog’s ashes were in and all of her documents.

“My files were missing, you know, citizenship papers, American passport, social security card, retirement statements, house mortgage statements,” the resident told News 2, “It’s very, very, very scary because he has all of my information.”

Another Merry Oaks resident’s 3-year-old child spotted the man running through their backyard Tuesday.

“My kids are sitting there and I’m making dinner in the kitchen, and my kids are sitting there,” Jayme-Rhae Edwards told News 2, “When my 3-year-old says, ‘Hey, I see a superhero in the backyard!’ And I said, ‘What do you mean?’ and she said it looked like an Airbender… he had no shirt on and green pants and he was running.”

A neighbors surveillance cameras caught him shirtless running across their yard.

News 2 also learned that Pratt was recently convicted of vehicle theft in July at a hotel nearby, but his year sentence was delayed. News 2 has inquired with the District Attorney’s office on the reason why but have not received an answer as of Thursday.

“He keeps coming like he feels he’s untouchable,” a resident told News 2.

Police say when they catch him, he will also face felony evading. Pratt’s last license address from 2019 was in Lebanon.

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