NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than two dozen lawmakers are joining hands to insist that Tennessee Governor Bill Lee veto what they’re calling the most ‘egregious anti-public health bills’ that has been passed by Republicans.

The bills in question were passed by Republicans at the most recent Tennessee General Assembly Special Session when lawmakers passed a series of bills overnight that placed limitations on COVID-19 mandates and health measures. 

Democratic lawmakers are asking Governor Lee to veto four bills in total: 

  • Senate Bill 9014– Includes government mandates that target mask and vaccine requirements 
  • Senate Bill 9008– Announces plans that Nashville’s district attorney would no longer commit time and resources to prosecuting simple possession marijuana charges 
  • House Bill 9072– County parties can call for a primary election in school board races 
  • House Bill 9076– Grants governor, county mayors and commissioner of health authority to issue orders relative to health of residents and businesses for purposes of COVID-19 

In a letter addressed to the Governor the Democrats wrote:

“Governor, we should be a state that respects the role and authority of local governments, and a state that promotes public health and protects the rights of those saving lives.”

All bills were sent to the Governor on November 1.