Between now and Election Day, voters may be hearing a lot about Amendment 1. 

It’ll be debated leading up to Nov. 6 and that debate began Tuesday night in Nashville.  

Amendment 1 is a referendum to create an independent community oversight board in Nashville.  

Those behind it say the goal is to address police accountability and conduct policy reviews.  

Both supporters and members of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police gathered at City Hall on Tuesday to make their opinions known.  

The FOP is against Amendment 1 and argues it is a waste of $10 million in tax dollars. They also say it is biased against officers and claim it is redundant, meaning police oversight is already in place.  

“Police do not police police,” said former FOP President, Robert Weaver. “We do conduct investigations just as any employer conducts investigations on their employees when we get a complaint. There are avenues outside, there are avenues outside the police department. Again – there’s accountability through the DA’s office.” 

There was a brief moment of tension between the opposing sides on Tuesday.  

Supporters of the referendum argue it addresses racial concerns, equity and fairness.  

One local pastor was there and gave his plea to the public to vote in favor of it.  

“People of good will, people of trust who feel as though honesty is due all citizens that fair and equal treatment is something that we as humans owe each other,” Davie Tucker Jr.  

Tucker also claimed policing is not the same for everyone in Nashville.  

The issue is just one of the things on the ballots for the Nov. 6 election.  

Early voting begins on Wednesday and continues through Nov. 1.