NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Monday night the Davidson County Election Commission voted in favor of putting a referendum on a ballot this summer.

The referendum, submitted by a group 4 Good Government, has six amendments that would restrict Metro Government from a number of things.

“The voters of Davidson County are fighting to get a chance to vote on this,” Sponsor Jim Roberts said.

Roberts gathered 14,000 signatures to have the petition submitted.

One of the key amendments would roll back the 34% property tax increase in Davidson County and limit the increase rate in the future.

“Nobody has ever gathered this many signatures, that’s how angry the people are, that’s how much the people want a bit more fiscal restraint on their government,” Roberts said.

But At Large Councilman Bob Mendes said the 4 Good Government referendum could have devastating consequences for Metro Government moving forward.

“This aims for paralysis of the city,” Mendes.

Mendes instead proposed a referendum, already passed by the Metro Council, that would keep the current charter provisions.

“Despite all the fancy legal talk, the referendum from Mr. Roberts is a dark money funded with barely enough signatures that’s designed to hurt metro,” Mendes said.

The commission approved the 4 Good Government referendum to go on a ballot during a special election on July 27.

The second referendum, approved by the council, is scheduled to go to a commission vote on Thursday night in order to give members time to evaluate.