DA wants prosecutors, victim advocates to know their biases

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville’s prosecutors and victim advocates were asked to take a test to find out what biases they might have.

Two weeks ago, over 70 employees with the District Attorney’s Office took the Harvard Implicit Association Test. It’s supposed to show what subconscious biases one has based on how they grew up and other life experiences.

DA Glenn Funk says there are several tests, and each employee was randomly assigned one to take.

He said it was part of a diversity training seminar. He hopes by identifying subconscious biases his office can work toward full objectivity.

“What’s important is that we treat everyone that comes in contact with the criminal justice system as fully human and that we appreciate their humanity,” said Funk.

News 2 received a tip that some employees were worried that their test scores would be made available.

Funk says his employees logged into an account and they were randomly given one of multiple bias tests.

The results were only available to the test-taker and weren’t recorded.

“The results were not really what we were after,” District Attorney Funk said. “What we were after was an awareness so that we would be receptive to what the training provided to us.”

He says diversity is paramount to his office. Over the past two years, since Funk’s been in office, he has increased the number of Hispanic and African-American prosecutors in his office.

Funk also says there will be more diversity training in the future.Do you think you have any biases? Click here to find out.

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